"Успех е, ако се събудиш сутрин и правиш това, което искаш да правиш."
Боб Дилън

Corporate Trainer (Project based)

Corporate Trainer (Project based)
Refference number : T_01

We're looking for an army of Trainers freelancers to occasionally help us in the fight to make the world less boring and organisations more successful!

Find that appealing?! Then, see our offer!


Corporate Trainer (Project based) 

Who is the Right Person? What is important for us:

- Experience as a trainer in soft skills trainings (Management and Leadership Trainings, Sales trainings, Customer Relationship Trainings and more…)
- Proven added value for clients (internal or external clients)
- Good presentation skills (both in Bulgarian and English)
- Flexibility 
- Attitude for continuous self-improvement and high quality of work

If you think, you are the right person for the position, don't waste time and send us your CV and portfolio (background) with ref: T_01



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